Thinking About Selling Your Home? Here Are 3 Reasons Why It's A Good Idea To Have It Inspected First

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Unless a home buyer is an investor, they're almost always going to have a home inspected before they close on the deal. Home sellers, however, rarely consider having their home inspected before they put it on the market. However, this isn't always a wise choice — having your home inspected gives you more information about its condition and gives you time to make repairs before buyers can perform their own inspections. If you're thinking about selling your home, read on for three reasons why you should have it inspected first.

1. You'll Have a Better Idea of the Right Listing Price

No matter how long you've lived in your home, it's likely that it has problems you don't know about. Having a home inspection service give you a full report of all the problems it has gives you a good estimate of how much it will cost to fix. Even if you're not planning on making the repairs yourself, you can adjust the listing price downwards accordingly.

This seems counterintuitive, since it means that you'll make less money from the sale of your home. However, remember that home buyers will immediately try to negotiate their offer downwards once they've performed a home inspection of their own. Starting with a reasonable price allows you to budget appropriately, which is important if you're planning to use the proceeds of your sale to quickly purchase another home or to pay moving costs. It also gives you realistic expectations of how much you'll end up getting for your home.

2. You'll Reduce the Risk of Having to Re-List After a Sale Falls Through

When buyers perform their own home inspection and find something they don't feel like fixing, they may decide to cancel their offer. Some buyers want to purchase a home and move in immediately — they're not interested in waiting weeks until the necessary repairs can be made.

Unfortunately, this hurts you as a home seller. Many buyers are wary of homes that are re-listed after negotiations fall through — they assume the house has some serious underlying issues. In this situation, you'll usually end up with less offers.

When you have a home inspection service examine your home, you'll be prepared with an inspection report that you can hand potential buyers. If they're not interested in making the necessary repairs, they'll usually back out before they try to close on the deal. This reduces the chance that you'll have to re-list your home and risk making it unattractive to other buyers.

3. You Can Make Repairs Beforehand for a Quicker Sale

Finally, you'll have the chance to make any necessary repairs before you list your home. Some issues that arise during a home inspection, such as a leaky roof, are going to dissuade most every buyer. It's worth repairing these issues before you put your home on the market, as you're more likely to sell your home quicker.

Overall, a home inspection service is an inexpensive way to check the condition of your home before you put it up for sale. Sensible buyers will perform their own inspections so you aren't risking the disclosure of something they would not have found out on their own. Before you list your home, contact a home inspection service near you and ask for a comprehensive inspection and written report of the problems that exist. To learn more, visit websites like