Need To Sell Your House Fast? 3 Mistakes You Are Making

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When your home is on the market and you are ready to move on with your life, you may be wondering why you haven't had very many bites. Although the market is constantly fluctuating, if your home has been sitting unsold for quite some time, it could be a sign that something isn't quite right with your property or that there are issues with the choices you have made. Here are three mistakes you might be making if your home hasn't sold and how to make the appropriate changes. 

1. Not Staging the Property

While removing all of your personal belongings and bringing in a stager may seem like a complex investment, the act of staging your property can make your house a lot more attractive to buyers, which can result in a quick sale. 

Studies have shown that 95% of staged properties sell in 11 days or less, showing just how big of an impact bringing in a fresh look can make. Talk with your real estate agent about what you currently have in the home, and ask if staging could make a difference. 

2. Trying to Sell On Your Own

Oftentimes, people decide to try to sell their homes on their own without working with a professional real estate agent. For Sale By Owner homes, or FSBO for short, tend to stay on the market longer, largely because buyers may not want to work directly with the seller to negotiate a price or manage the sale. 

Additionally, FSBO homes are not listed on the MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, which cuts down on the prospective pool of buyers who may see your property. If you are trying to sell your home on your own and you haven't had any luck, talk with a real estate agent about making a change. 

3. Listing for the Wrong Price

If your home is listed too high, people might skip right over your property to focus their energies on another place. It is important to list your home for what the market conditions will bear at that time, so make sure you are priced correctly by working with a real estate agent. 

If you are in a hurry to sell your house fast, meet with a real estate agent as soon as possible. Some businesses even buy homes outright, making it a breeze to get out of a home you may no longer be interested in owning. By being proactive and making the right choices, you can streamline your homeownership and sales experience.