PCS-Ing With A Deployed Service Member? A Military Relocation Agent Can Help

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For a seasoned active-duty service member or spouse, executing orders for a permanent change of station (PCS) is a no brainer. However, when the active duty service member is slated to be deployed just before the move — the level of stress can be exhausting for anyone. Not to worry, a military relocation agent can help you even though this unique and challenging situation.

Property Referrals

Each branch of service offers the active-duty member a set number of days to travel to their new destination to search for a place of residence, commonly referred to as house-hunting leave. When the service member is deployed, it might be more challenging for the remaining spouse to get away to visit the new area, especially if they have children in school. 

Military relocation agents provide their clients with property referrals that can help you choose a new home without ever leaving your current home. Homes that qualify for referrals have been vetted to ensure their description is accurate, have fair renting policies, and are overall properties that you would be comfortable and feel safe calling home. 

Power of Attorney Guidance

Military relocation professionals understand that for the spouse of the deployed service member, their power of attorney (POA) agreement is literally their power. Should you find a property that you want to secure before your spouse returns home, the relocation agent can look over your POA agreement to ensure it authorizes you to sign a lease agreement without the service member present. 

They can even help you move forward and advocate on your behalf to ensure this legal document is honored and you don't run into any unnecessary hiccups when you need to sign an agreement, which can reduce a great deal of stress as you house hunt. 

Basic Allowance for Housing Guidelines

Basic allowance for housing (BAH) is the portion of the service members pay that is designed to assist with the cost of a mortgage or rental payment based on the location of their duty station. Often military families prefer to keep their monthly hosing obligation under or near this amount. 

Military relocation agents can quickly look up your spouse's BAH amount based on their rank and duty station zip code. So, if your spouse is away and unable to provide you with this information, you can still find a home that you can have confidence your family can comfortably afford.

Military relocation agents can help you with every phase of your move, so don't hesitate to seek their assistance whether a deployment is in your family's future or not. Contact Becky Hancock Realty to learn more.