4 Signs it's Time to Make an Offer on a House

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Shopping for a new home? Whether this will be your first home purchase or it's simply been a while since you've moved, knowing when you've found "the one" can be difficult. Looking at homes for sale can be daunting sometimes. At the end of the day, it typically boils down to a good gut feeling, and meeting some important criteria. If these apply to a home you've recently looked at, then it may be time to make an offer.

It Checks off Most (or All) of Your Boxes

In a perfect world, your next home will check off every single one of your "must-haves" and "would-like-to-haves." In reality, if you've found a home that even checks off the majority of your must-haves, you're in good shape. And of course, if you're not opposed to putting a little work into the home, you can probably make some changes that help it check off even more boxes.

You're Already Envisioning Yourself Living There

As you toured the home, did you immediately start envisioning how your furniture would be arranged in each room? Perhaps you even started daydreaming about how you'd decorate the space or the gatherings you'd throw. If you can easily see yourself living happily in the home, there's a good chance this is the one for you.

You'll Be Able to Grow With the Home

If you plan on being in the home for at least a few years, you'll want to make sure that it's right for you not only now but in the future as well. If you plan on adding to your family, for example, are there enough bedrooms, and is there enough square footage for you to grow into the house comfortably? If so, then that's another good sign.

It's Fairly Priced Given the Current Market

If a home is priced fairly and competitively, then you definitely won't want to delay making an offer. Ultimately, your real estate agent or realtor will be the best person to tell you whether a home is accurately priced or not. Even if your dream home seems to be a little overpriced, making an offer that's slightly lower than the asking price can't hurt.

The decision to make an offer on a home isn't one that should be taken lightly. Still, it's not something you want to delay, especially if the house is right for you. If a home checks off all these boxes, then it's probably time to talk to your agent about making a formal offer.