Organization Tips For A One-Bedroom Apartment

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Once you've found some potential one-bedroom apartments for rent, consider what it would take to make that space feel like home sweet home. Keeping your belongings organized helps to create a roomier living space and a more relaxing environment.

 Bedroom Organization

The bedroom should be a space to unwind and relax, but that can be difficult to do when clothing and clutter are strewn everywhere. When each item has its own place, tidying up is quick and things are not so easily lost in the shuffle.

Organize your closet or dresser by first sorting through your clothing and discarding anything you haven't worn in the last 12 months. Next, sort the remaining clothes into piles of items you wear frequently (once a week), sometimes (once a month), or occasionally (formalwear or seasonal items).

Place the occasionally worn clothes in the hardest to reach space such as the back of your closet or a storage container under the bed. Clothing you wear most frequently should be located where it's easily accessible, such as the dresser drawer or front and center of your closet.

Consider creative storage solutions to maximize the space in one bedroom or two bedroom apartments. Headboard and footboard storage and bed risers can transform your bed into additional storage space. Similarly, wall shelves or closet shelves will make use of high places without conceding floor space.

Kitchen Organization

The kitchen is often referred to as the "heart of the home" and rightly so — most people spend plenty of time preparing and even eating meals in the kitchen. Similar to the above sorting method used for clothing, tackle your kitchenware by sorting through which utensils and appliances you use most often.

Counter space is often at a premium in smaller apartments, so make sure whatever you keep on the counter is earning its prime location by being used daily. Less frequently used appliances should be stored away in a cupboard until they're needed.

Kitchen drawers should be organized the same way: most frequently used utensils are at the front of the drawer, and the occasionally used ones are at the back. As you sort, set aside any duplicate items or utensils you haven't used recently to be donated, gifted, or recycled.

Bathroom Organization

Though the bathroom can often be overlooked in organization strategies, it arguably has the greatest need for high efficiency in a small space. If your apartment lacks a linen closet, medicine cabinet, or cupboard under the sink, you may be left wondering where to keep towels, toiletries, and hygiene products.

Focus on the space you do have to work with: where could you fit a wall shelf for towels or hygiene items? Does the shower or bathtub have space to hang washcloths, soaps, and shampoo? Try to be creative in finding solutions.

Remember that keeping a one-bedroom apartment organized is not a one-time event, but a lifestyle habit. Get into a routine of sorting through your belongings and prioritizing the ones you use most and you'll find a lot more room for the things you love. For more information on one-bedroom apartment for rent, contact a housing complex such as Flats at Springhurst.