How To Design A Creative Workspace

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It used to be that when business owners would rent an office suite, they would design it to be more formal with a formal waiting room, private offices, a formal conference room, and so on. With millennials taking over the workplace, things have moved from more formal in office design and into something that's more collaborative. If you work in an industry where you need a little bit of creativity in order to be successful, then having the perfect design can help nurture that. 

Open Space

Rather than having cubicles in the center of an open space or a bunch of closed off offices, set up an open space with low desks put together. These kinds of close spaces will encourage everyone to work together and feed off of each other's creativity. The great thing about having a bunch of open space is that if you are renting an office suite, you won't have to add a bunch of walls. In fact, if the space is already open, then there won't be much work for you to do. 

No Door Policy

Another thing to consider is that although you as the boss might want your own space, having a closed door at all times will make it seem formal and less creative. Consider having a no door policy on your office so that you can have some privacy but it doesn't feel like you're too closed off. If you need to take a private phone call or if you want to have a private meeting, then consider taking it in your car or taking someone out to lunch instead. 

Giant Breakroom

Having a giant break room with things like refrigerators stocked with free food and a fun game like ping pong, you can create a space for everyone to really wind down. When people get time to relax during their breaks, they are more likely to be creative throughout the rest of the day. Encourage everyone to take regular breaks to eat, relax, or play a game of ping pong together. Also, make sure you fill the refrigerator and cabinets with healthy snacks that are good for creative minds like protein bars and fresh fruit 

The great thing about designing an office suite these days is that for it to be creative, you don't have to put too much design into it because it's all about having a really wide open space. 

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