Selling Your Home? Clean The Proverbial Bats From The Attic First!

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You've made a decision, and it's a big one—you're ready to sell your home and move on. Before your chosen real estate agent helps you get the home properly priced and listed, there are a few things that must be done. You are probably thinking about cleaning out the cluttered basement, checking the roof for loose shingles, and maybe even pressure-washing the vinyl siding. However, there is one sneaky place in most houses that can cause issues when they decide to sell: the attic. 

Inconspicuous and often neglected, the attic is that blank space between the pitch of the roof and the ceiling of the floor below it. This space serves a purpose for some people, but many attics are left unattended, unvisited, and unvalued. Nevertheless, before listing the house and allowing the real estate agent to take pictures—clear out the bats!

Check out the attic insulation. 

How long has it been since you have checked out the insulation in your attic? If it has been a while, make sure you check it out before you get pictures for your listing. The insulation may not look like much, but it is one thing a lot of educated buyers will be looking at when they critically examine the images that get published. Something as simple as discolored backing on a piece of rolled insulation can send a buyer away. 

Make sure the space is well-lit. 

Attics are often dark, poorly lit, and maybe even a little creepy. But, these spaces don't have to look like they are the perfect setting for a scary movie. With a little work, the attic can be much better lit and far more inviting. Consider bring in an electrician to make sure you have some basic light fixtures at the least. This automatically makes this normally dormant area look like it has potential. 

Finish the floor. 

Climb in the attic and see what you've got. If you're like a lot of homeowners, the floor in the attic will be slats of lumber possibly filled in between with insulation. It's such a simple project to add a layer of plywood to the floor so you can actually step up there without fears of punching a foot through the ceiling below. Plywood is cheap, and most people can use a basic saw and drill to cut and install pieces. This one change can easily up the value of your home.