Questions To Ask Before Considering Golf Community Homes

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Golf community homes have a lot to offer with their unique settings and often-upscale designs and amenities. But are these homes right for you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself first. 

Do you have pets?

Some golf communities will have specific outlines about whether or not you can have pets and even how big those pets can be. It is not uncommon for certain types of pets to be completely restricted. For example, cats have a bad reputation for urinating on landscaping elements, so they may be restricted and dogs may only be allowed if they are under a certain size and always kept on a leash outdoors. 

Are you fine with certain restrictions on your property?

Golf community homes are on public display; many are visible from the course. As nice as this is if you enjoy the serenity and beauty of a golf course, it does mean that you will have to be mindful of certain rules. For instance, you may not be able to place your waste bins outside of the garage or plow part of your yard for a vegetable garden. You may have to keep your vehicle parked in your garage as well. If you are fine with these restrictions, and most people are, a home in one of these unique communities can be a wise investment. 

How do you feel about mandatory provided property maintenance?

For the majority of homebuyers, the fact that property maintenance will be directly provided and mandatory will be a major bonus. Golf courses have to keep an upstanding appearance from every angle, so maintaining any and all properties within the community to a perfectly manicured way is a must. You won't have to mow your lawn and may not have to be concerned about raking leaves or pulling weeds from your flower gardens; this landscaping maintenance will likely be taken care of on your behalf as part of the home purchase. If you are accustomed to doing your own property landscaping maintenance and rather enjoy it, these homes may not serve you well. 

Do you like golf?

It may not be a typical question to ask when you buy a home, but it should be one when you buy a home in a golf community. To live on a golf course will have you immersed in the typical country club, golfing environment every time you are home. You will get to watch people play and take a stroll to do a few swings whenever you like. People who most benefit from these settings are people who also like golf.