5 Reasons To Buy A Townhouse Instead Of A Single-Family Home Or Condo

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If you're thinking of moving and contemplating various types of homes for sale, don't overlook townhomes. If you think you might like condo life, but you're not fond of living in an apartment building atmosphere, then a townhouse might be perfect for you. Here are five reasons to consider buying a townhouse.

1. There Are No Upstairs Neighbors

Upstairs neighbors can make your life miserable if they're noisy or if they stay up late walking around. An advantage of a townhouse is that you only have neighbors on the side so you won't have to worry about upstairs neighbors stomping around and keeping you awake.

2. Your Energy Bills Could Be Lower

While there are neighbors on each side, the walls are insulated and soundproofed so they won't be a disturbance under conditions of normal living. This could even make it easier to keep your home warm since the sides of your house are shared with other homes. Only the front and back of your home will be exposed to the weather.

3. You Could Have A Garage And Patio Included

When you look at townhomes for sale, you'll notice they vary in how they're made and the features they offer. This lets you choose features that are important to you. For instance, you might find a townhome with a garage on the first floor. Your townhome might have a basement, front porch, or backyard patio. The back of your townhouse could have a small fenced yard. All these features make it feel like you're living in a house rather than a condo or apartment, and you may find that makes a townhouse worth considering.

4. Security May Be Better

With the walls on the sides blocked by other houses, prowlers will have to enter the front of your house where they might be exposed or the back where they might be easily spotted by close neighbors who watch out for each other. You may feel safer living with neighbors close by, and you can even buy townhouses in gated communities for even more security.

5. You Might Have Access To Community Recreation

Some townhouses are planned communities where things like a pool and fitness gym are on the grounds. If that appeals to you, then look for a community that has an active social calendar and many recreational options on the grounds. Then, you can walk out your door and have plenty of things to do without having to drive anywhere just to go to the gym, find a nice walking trail, or take a quick swim.

To learn more about townhomes, reach out to a local realtor.