What Does A Real Estate Agent Do To Sell Your Home?

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Real estate agents usually work off commission, taking a percentage of the sale price at closing. However, many people wonder if they could save that money by selling the home without the help of a real estate agent. These people often do not understand the depth of services offered by a professional service. The following are a few reasons why a real estate agent is a worthwhile investment. 

1. Bring in more buyers.

Some buyers will not look at homes that are not being shown by an agent. Also, real estate agents representing buyers might not even show homes that are for sale by owner. Your real estate agent works hard to market your home and bring in buyers that might be interested, including buyers who are coming to the same agency to find a home for sale. 

2. Provide a better online presence.

People who sell their homes without professional help do not have access to the expertise that provides a good online listing. People weed out homes from their searches based on what they see online. Your real estate agent will take high-quality photos that highlight the floor plan and good features of your house, making people want to see it in person. Conversely, people who sell their house with photos they took themselves may have reduced listing quality due to poorer photos and limited listing information. 

3. Handle offers and requests.

Your real estate agent goes to bat for you when you get offers for your house. It's hard to negotiate a fair price when face-to-face with a buyer. With a real estate agent, it's easier to get what you're asking for and to fight for fairer terms because they are the neutral party between buyer and seller. The real estate agent can also draw up the binding offer for you, without their help, you'd have to do it with a real estate lawyer.

After you accept an offer, your real estate agent stays in contact with the legal side of the sale, letting you know when new information is needed and if the circumstances of the sale of changed. 

4. Prices your home fairly. 

Finally, a good real estate agent puts the best price on your home right from the start. The right listing price is important. Sometimes, listing low is good to drum up interest and a bidding war. Sometimes, listing realistically is better because it attracts the kind of buyers you want. Only your agent will know the market well enough to be able to give the best price for your home.