Tips For Beating The Competition To The Best Single Family Home Listings In A Crowded Real Estate Market

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The real estate market continues to be strong across most of the nation. This level of activity is causing many prospective buyers disappointment as "under contract" and "pending" signs appear quickly on newly listed properties, often before they are able to even schedule a viewing appointment of their own. Prospective buyers who can find ways to shave time off their selection and purchasing process will be better situated to compete in this type of real estate market. The following tips are designed to assist prospective buyers in finding the right single family home for sale and enhance their ability to get their purchase offers accepted ahead of their competitor's offers. 

Work With a Very Responsive Real Estate Agent

Even though the internet has made it possible for prospective buyers to closely monitor the market, they can still benefit from having a very responsive real estate agent working on their team. In many cases, an astute agent may know of listings that will be coming on the market soon and be able to schedule their buyer clients to see them immediately upon the listing being made active.

In addition to responsiveness, prospective buyers will also want to make sure that their agent is very comfortable with technology. This will make it possible for prospective buyers to instantly create and submit a digital offer at the conclusion of the showing appointment - making it possible to immediately get their offer in front of the listing agent. 

Be Willing to View Homes on a Moment's Notice

When the real estate market is highly competitive, prospective buyers cannot afford to schedule viewings at their convenience. A better option is to work with your agent and your employer to ensure that you can immediately see the new listings that are sure to be in fierce demand with other buyers. 

Prearrange the Financial Details Before Beginning to Look

Homeowners who find themselves with more than one interested buyer prospect will not want or need to wait for you to make application for your mortgage or handle other financial details necessary for purchasing a home. Instead, prospective buyers who are looking for a single family homes in very active real estate markets should always make sure that they have applied for a mortgage and received solid loan approval before beginning to view homes. These buyers should also have any funds they will need for the down payment and closing costs waiting in their account, as well as providing a copy of their mortgage approval letter to their agent who can use it to strengthen any purchase offer they may decide to make.