Updates That Can Make Your House Sell Faster

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In some markets, houses sell in any condition. However, in markets where there are a lot of houses to choose from, sellers need to do what they can to make their house more attractive to buyers. There are some key things you can update before listing your house that will make it more competitive on the market. 

1. Flooring

Worn-out carpet, dated linoleum, or cracked tiles will turn buyers off of your home. If at all possible, do what you can to update the flooring as best as you can. This might mean replacing carpeting on the stairs to make it look less worn, tearing out kitchen tiles and laying a new vinyl plank floor, or hiring a service to refinish scuffed hardwoods. Fresh flooring, especially flooring that matches the home and flows throughout the main floor, makes a house look much cleaner and more move-in ready to buyers during showings.

2. Exterior Features

If your front door is old, scuffed, dented, or squeaky, take an afternoon to repaint it or replace it. A beat-up door is the first thing the buyers will see, and it will color the impression of the entire house. You might also take time to repaint the garage door, power wash the concrete of the driveway, and wash or paint the siding.

3. Appliances

New essential appliances are always a draw for buyers. You might not like the idea of putting in a new furnace or new AC system so close to the move, but if your appliances are over a decade old, buyers factor in the reality that they could be facing expensive appliance replacements within a few years of living in the home. If the time for replacement is due, make the change before listing the house so that you can advertise the new, efficient machines as a selling point. 

4. Paint

You might not think paint makes a big difference because the new owner can always just repaint it if they don't like the color. However, fresh paint makes a house look cleaner, and it gives you the chance to repair any damage to the walls and trim. You can also choose a more neutral color to make rooms seem more inviting to a wider variety of buyers. A lot of people don't like the added work or expense of repainting rooms that have bold or bright colors on the walls that are more suited to individual taste. 

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