Tips to Help You Search for and Find Your Next Apartment

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A nice apartment to rent and live in is an important part of life, so when you are on the hunt for your next apartment you want to make sure it meets your needs in several different ways. Then, preparing to make your move as easy as possible is an essential part of the process. From considering your budget to boxing up your possessions at your old place, here are some recommendations to help you successfully get into your new apartment home.

1. Calculate Your Budget

First thing's first with your apartment hunt and you need to make sure you know what you can afford in your budget. It is a good rule of thumb to make sure your income is at least three times more than the amount of rent each month. So if you have found an apartment that rents for $800 each month, you need to bring home at least $2,400 in take-home pay to comfortably afford the payments. You can also complete a monthly budget sheet where you list all your expenses and income to see how much you can realistically put toward your rent.

2. Look for the Right Apartment Features

Next, you need to consider to find your new home is to make sure you select an apartment that has all the features and details you need. Look at the number of bedrooms and the square footage. Just because an apartment has two bedrooms does not mean it is going to be a spacious floor plan: look at the total square footage and compare this as you shop for an apartment. 

Also look at if the property has a washer and dryer in the unit, if it has hook-ups, or if the apartment community has its own laundry facility. The type of laundry location can make all the difference in convenience in washing your laundry. Then, look at the parking situation and if you have your own parking spot, or if you are close to public transportation if you rely upon this to get to your job and other commitments. You might also want to see how much outdoor space or landscaping will be at your apartment community, especially if you have any children or dogs who may want to play outside.

3. Prepare for the Move

Make a floor plan layout of your new apartment before you move, complete with accurate room measurements. This will help you best plan out your furniture layout so when you do the physical move it will be all prepared without any difficulties. You can also go through your possessions to eliminate unnecessary items and excess possessions you don't need. You can have a yard sale or donate the items to a charity you don't need or want. Then, as you box up your possessions and move them, the process will be easier.

For more information, contact companies that have a list of apartments for rent.