3 Ways A Real Estate Agent Can Help Your Prepare Your Home To Sell

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If you've outgrown your current space or want to relocate to a different area, a real estate agent can work with you to sell your current home and help you find a new space that you love. However, before you can put your house on the market, there are likely a few things you need to do to get it ready. Here are a few ways your real estate agent can assist with the process. 

1. Your Real Estate Agent Can Provide Pricing Guidance

One of the most common questions that many people have when they're ready to sell is what they should price their home at. Unfortunately, this isn't always a question that's easy to answer. Not only does it depend on the current condition of your home, but the sale prices of surrounding properties and how quickly you need to get rid of your house will also impact your final sale price.

Your real estate agent will research data about comparable properties in your area to make an informed recommendation regarding the value of your home. Pricing a property appropriately the moment it's put on the market is one way to command a better sales price and decrease the amount of time it takes to sell. 

2. An Agent Will Help You Prepare Your Home to Put on the Market

Nearly every homeowner needs to do a few things before they put their home up for sale. Your real estate agent can provide guidance as to what items will help you command a higher sales price and which tasks are okay to skip.

For example, your agent might suggest that you do a little landscaping to increase the home's curb appeal so you can get more money for your home. Or, they may recommend that you hold off on completing upgrades that are unlikely to significantly increase the value of your home. 

Real estate agents may also offer staging guidance if necessary. If you need a lot of help staging your home, they can provide a recommendation for a professional stager. 

3. Real Estate Agents Can Assist with Scheduling and Logistics

The logistical components that are necessary to sell a home are overwhelming for some sellers. In addition to scheduling contractors to complete repairs, you need to book a time for a photographer to come and take photographs of your home for your online listing. You might want to go ahead and schedule a few open houses to get an influx of potential buyers into your home. Your real estate agent can assist with many of these scheduling needs, making the logistics of selling your home feel a little more reasonable.  

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