Things To Expect When You Rent A Pet-Friendly Apartment

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Your pet is just as much a member of your household as you are, so finding a place to live that will allow you to keep your pet is always ideal. Pet-friendly apartments are available in just about every location across the country. These apartments can even have their own dog parks and special amenities for furry friends. Here is a look at a few things you can expect to see if you do find a pet-friendly apartment. 

Expect there to be limitations on the type of pet you can have. 

Even though you may be allowed to have a pet, there may be limitations on what type of pet you can bring into the apartment. You may only be allowed to have a dog under a certain weight, you may only be able to have a cat and not a dog, or you may not be allowed to have exotic pets like snakes or lizards. In most cases, these rules are in place to protect all tenants in the complex, so they are typically nonnegotiable. 

Expect to pay a bit more for your monthly rent. 

Many pet-friendly apartment owners will charge a slightly higher monthly rent if you do have a pet. For example, you may pay $700 a month without a pet and $750 per month if you do have a pet. For apartments that allow multiple pets, you may pay an extra fee per pet. 

Expect to have to pay a non-refundable pet deposit before you move in. 

Nonrefundable deposits help pay for the costs of thoroughly cleaning the apartment after you move out. Even though the apartment may be pet-friendly, that does not mean every tenant that moves in will have one or appreciate pet dander still hanging around. Therefore, upon your vacancy, the apartment will be thoroughly cleaned, and this will cost the apartment owner money. 

Expect there to be guidelines about your pet and the grounds. 

You may be allowed to have a pet in your apartment, but you may have certain rules to follow when it comes to allowing your pet outside of the boundaries of your rented home. Everyone who lives in the vicinity may not have a pet, and you have to be respectful of the other tenants. There may be guidelines that state a dog can only be let outside on a leash or that your cat is not allowed outside on a shared patio. 

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