What To Look For In An Apartment As A Dog Owner

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When you own a dog, finding an apartment to rent is not always easy. Many landlords do not want to rent to dog owners because dogs can damage an apartment. However, if you spend some time searching, you should be able to come up with a short list of available apartments where dogs are allowed. How, then, should you narrow them down? One strategy is to look for an apartment that offers these amenities, which are ideal for dogs and their owners.

On the first floor

When you have a dog, you really want a first-floor apartment if at all possible. There are a few reasons for this. For one, your dog won't disturb the neighbors if he or she decides to go thundering across the floor at 2 am. In an upstairs apartment, you have to be conscious of this, since the neighbors below will hear your dog walking and running. It's also easier to take a dog outside to use the bathroom from a first-floor apartment since you don't need to go down the stairs.

Tile entryway

Having tile throughout is nice since tile is easier to clean than carpet when you have a lot of pet hair and debris from dirty paws. But at the bare minimum, you want to have tile in the entryway. This way, you can bring your dog inside and wipe their paws on the tile before allowing them onto the carpet. Then, you can easily wipe up any mud on the tile. The apartment will stay a lot cleaner with a tile entryway; you're less likely to have to pay a fine for damaged carpet when you move out.

A tub or big sink

You will want somewhere to bathe your dog. Doing this in a standup shower is really hard. So look for an apartment that either has a tub in the bathroom or a large sink in a laundry room. This will save you a lot on trips to the groomer.

Blinds without strings

If the apartment comes with window treatments, look for ones that do not have strings. Dogs love to pull on the strings, which can send the window treatments crashing down. If you find an apartment you love but the windows have blinds with strings, ask the landlord if you can replace the window treatments. This is a pretty easy modification that can make the space more dog-friendly.

Finding a good space for a dog takes time, but it's so worth it.

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