Top 5 Reasons To Sell Your House With An Agent Instead Of FSBO

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Selling a house for sale by owner (FSBO) may help you save money on commissions – if you can find a buyer. Finding a buyer and closing on the deal without an agent is possible, but it is harder to do and usually does not work out well for sellers. If you are trying to decide if you should hire an agent or sell the house yourself, here are five reasons to stick with hiring a real estate agent.

1. You Will Have to Choose the Asking Price Yourself

Selling a house FSBO presents a lot of hurdles for homeowners. One of these is the decisions you must make, including coming up with the asking price. You might feel that your home is worth more than it is worth right now. If so, you might put a price on the house that is out of line. No one will buy your house if you price it too high, and you will reduce the showings on it if you ask too much.

2. You Will Spend Lots of Time Working on It

When you sell a house yourself, you are the person putting in all the time and work. You must prepare the house, market it, show it, and answer questions. These steps take time and work, yet you take on these responsibilities when listing FSBO.

3. You Will Be Responsible for the Negotiations

Another hurdle you will face is the negotiations. If you find a person willing to buy your home, are you prepared to handle the negotiations needed to seal the deal? If not, you should not attempt to sell the house on your own.

4. You Will Have No Guidance and Expert to Assist

A primary benefit of hiring an agent is the guidance and expertise he or she provides during the sale. Without an agent, you have no one there to guide and assist you with any of the steps required to sell a home.

5. You Will Experience Trouble Finding a Buyer

Finally, it is hard to find buyers for homes listed FSBO. Some buyers will not even view a home that is not listed through a real estate agency. If you cannot find a buyer, you will not sell your property.

If you hire an agent to help you sell your house, you will save time and effort. You will have an expert handling the deal, and you will experience fewer problems and hurdles. Call a real estate agent today to learn more about the process.