What To Expect If Moving From A Condo To A Single-Family Home

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Transitioning out of condo life and into a single-family home will be a different experience for you. While these types of homes have similarities, there are some big differences. Here are several things you should expect to be different after you choose a house to buy and get moved into it.

Your Costs Might Increase

One difference you might experience is an increase in your monthly expenses. Homes are generally larger and have more expenses. You might pay more for your mortgage payment, utilities, and taxes. You should also prepare to pay more for the maintenance and repairs your new home needs.

You Will Have More Space

Two, you will have more space. While the size of your living space might not drastically increase, a single-family home will offer more "other" space. You may have a basement to use for storage, or you might have a crawl space. The house will probably have a garage, and it may have numerous closets in it. Homes typically have more space than condos, and this is a common reason people upgrade.

You Will Have a Yard and Yard Work

Next, you will have a larger yard to use for entertaining or enjoyment, which is a huge perk. On the flip side, though, you will also inherit all the yard work needed. If you love being outside and working in the yard, a single-family home is ideal for you.

You Probably Will Not Have a Homeowners Association

Moving from a condo to a home may also change the structure of the way the community operates. Condos are controlled by homeowners associations (HOAs), whereas single-family home communities usually are not. Without an HOA, you will have one less payment to make each month, and you will not have as many rules and guidelines to follow.

You Will Have More Privacy and Less Noise to Deal With

Finally, moving into a home offers more privacy. Your neighbors will not be as close to you, and this means that your new home will be less noisy.

One thing you might miss from your condo life is the view. If you had a second or third-story unit, your view might have been great. While you might lose the view, you will reap a lot of significant benefits of choosing to buy a single-family home.

To learn more about single-family homes, contact a real estate agent in your area.