Recommendations to Help You Seek Out a Townhome to Purchase

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Buying a home is a major decision and one in which you need to check it out thoroughly before you make an offer and close on the purchase. From the home search and selection evaluation to negotiating the home's purchase details and home inclusions, working with a real estate agent is going to provide you with great support. Here are some additional recommendations to help you as you search for the right townhome for sale.

Check Into the HOA

When you buy a townhome, you also buy into a homeowners association (HOA) that manages the property and its regulations and upcoming repairs and maintenance. So, before you choose to purchase a townhome, look at the community's HOAs and their conditions to make sure the choice is a smart purchase. Find out how much the monthly HOA fee is and if it has ever increased. You should also ask about any upcoming repairs that are planned or what work was completed on the properties. You can request to review the past HOA meeting notes to see what types of property issues are existing. 

Also make sure to review the CC&Rs, which stands for the covenants, conditions, and restrictions. This will outline what types of items and activities may be prohibited on your townhome property. For example, you will want to know if pets are restricted in your townhome, or if you can park along the street in front of your property. There may also be restrictions on your ability to rent your townhome to produce some rental income.

Consider the Yard

The yard of a townhome is included in your ownership of the property, but your responsibilities with its upkeep and maintenance may be limited. For example, some townhomes will provide you with your own private fenced-in backyard while the front yard is part of the property's maintained areas. This means that the exterior front yard is landscaped and mowed regularly by the HOA landscaping service and you don't need to worry about tasks, such as raking up leaves or shoveling snow.

However, your backyard may be a space you want to customize to your own interests. If you want to plant a vegetable garden or a fruit tree or strawberry plants, you will need to find out what types of allowances you are provided with your ownership. Talk to your real estate agent to request the HOA CC&Rs so you can read through them with a thorough knowledge of the property's allowances and rules regarding your ownership of the home.