Feel Hot Easily? 4 Tips To Find An Apartment With Natural Cooling Qualities

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Some people get cold easily and can warm themselves up by wearing a jacket, scarf, beanie, gloves, and pants. However, you might be someone who gets hot quickly. The problem with feeling excessively warm is that you may find it more challenging to cool down. When you are ready to go apartment hunting, a strategic move is to prioritize natural cooling qualities.

Floor Level

A reliable way to stay cool in an apartment is by focusing on the floor level. Living on the top floor may provide excellent views but at the cost of naturally warming qualities. The heat from all the apartments below will rise up, and some of that heat will transfer to a top-floor unit.

This unit floor is also susceptible to direct sunlight exposure on the roof. An easy solution is to prioritize low-floor apartments, such as garden-level or bottom-floor units. Situating yourself to be the lowest unit in a building will ensure that no heat from below can rise into your home.


Windows are another source for cooling in your apartment rental. A single window is useful because you can open it on a cool day to allow fresh air inside. An excellent goal is to create a cross breeze with your apartment's doors and windows. The tricky part is finding a unit in which this is possible because many apartments only have access to one or two exterior walls.

Sometimes, you can find a unique apartment building or unit that allows you to create a cross breeze from the front door and a back window. This often happens when the front door is outside, and you have a screen on the front door that you can use to allow fresh air inside.


A feature that can help you stay comfortable in your apartment is the flooring. While carpeting excels at keeping people warm, you will find that most hard floors cool you down. Hardwood, laminate, and vinyl are all effective options, and you can find out by going on in-person tours.


Most apartments will inevitably have some sunlight exposure, whether indirect, direct, or both. A worthwhile goal is minimizing exposure to maximize the rental's natural cooling. Not getting direct light means you will not have sunspots that make nearby flooring warm to the touch.

When you want to stay cool and comfortable in your apartment rental, you can use these tips to find a unit with natural cooling qualities. 

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